We think, our main contribution to save our Nation from an imminent financial collapse and a second Civil War (like the first one by taxation issues), is to bring a comprehensive real solution to cure from its roots all the deficiencies of our monetary system for the generations to come. The replacement of the private Federal Reserve debt system, eliminating fiscal borrowing, issuing quadrillions fiat currency by the Congress, subsidizing the entitlements (Social Security, Medicare & Federal Pensions), including the payroll to all employers, increasing the annual minimum wage to $100,000 to move the economy, repealing all outdated and oppressive multi level tax codes, providing affordable post education and health care, is the right path to fix, stop and prevent additional systemic social inequality damages.

HOW? 1) Congress issue quadrillions crypto fiat currency; 2) Congress pays all private employers full payroll; 3) Employees may choose any employer, filing their hours in the new universal payroll system, receiving $100,000 annually, working 20 hours, going to the university the other 20 hours (or free time). At 55 years old workers may retire receiving $4,000 per month lifetime pension; 4) Congress impose one percent universal sales tax; 5) Congress repeal all federal, state and local income and property taxes, providing ultra low cost full coverage health care and post education affordable plans; 6) Congress pays all national debt; 7) Congress repeal federal reserve system, prohibiting fiscal borrowing.; and, 8) All annual Federal, State & Local budgets will be inspected and paid by Congress.

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